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WP Statistics

WP-Statistics is one of the best statistical plugins. With many statistical features, this plugin has managed to attract many users.
It has been downloaded nearly 4,000,000 times and installed actively 400,000 times.

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It is the first and best plugin for sending SMS in WordPress. You can use this plugin to send SMS to the newsletter users, WordPress users and any other numbers. It is also perfectly compatible with other popular plugins.

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WP Telegram Notifications

It is the first plugin made for sending texts and images on a Telegram channel. This plugin can send the WordPress management notifications to a channel on Telegram. It is also perfectly compatible with other popular plugins.



We love WordPress and always keep moving forward with the new standards of WordPress to present high-quality products.

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Our team

Our opinion, the origin of a team is its individuals. Our team is formed professional persons who are working in this context since many years.
Mostafa Soufi
Mostafa Soufi
Founder & Programmer
Arin Hacupian
Arin Hacupian
UI/UX Designer
Milad Davoodi
Milad Davoodi
Programmer of Back-end & front-end

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